What is Clinofish?

Typical Zeolite StructureClinofish is a specific type of Zeolite mineral exclusively mined in South Africa by Pratley. It is a direct substitute for fish pond filter media that scavenges toxic ammonia from pond water. It is a true 21st century filter medium with both ion exchange and superior mechanical filtration properties. Unlike ordinary filter media, Clinofish acts as a filter on the atomic scale by absorbing toxic ammonia (which can kill fish stocks even at minute concentrations!) from pond water . This is due to a powerful negative charge that exists within the Clinofish structure that attracts positively charged cation contaminants such as ammonia and holds them within the Clinofish structure.

Also,unlike ordinary filter media such as gravel or sand, the surfaces of Clinofish particles are not smooth and therefore have large surface areas. Clinofish is therefore an extremely effective biological media for maximum colinization of useful bacteria.

Get optimal results by using Clinofish at the end of the filtration chain in new ponds or ponds with large fish stocks.
Clinofish is available in a 25 kg bag. The average sized pond filter tank will use 2 x 25kg bags of Clinofish.

Discerning pond owners and commercial fish farmers choose Clinofish!